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Step 2 - Design Concepts

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Step 5 -  Procurement

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Step 3 - 2D Floor Plans

Kitchen 2D Floor Plans

Step 4 -  3D Visuals

3D Visual Interior Design
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This is a key part to the design process, it helps us as a design studio to understand your needs and develop a package that works perfect for you. Each project is different, not all steps are required and this is the part where we will be able to guide you through your decisions.

Interior Design Concept

Design Concepts

Design concepts are really important at the start of your design journey and they help to ensure both client and designer are on the same path in terms of the design direction. This is a great way to showcase some paint finishes/wallpaper, furniture pieces and/or any inspirational pieces designers feel would work great with your design. This stage in the design process, clients always love as they may have a small idea as to what they require, however 8 times out of 10 struggle to see how this is all going to piece together so it really is brilliant to see their first initial ideas transformed in to a concept!

We can create design concepts as part of a package, teamed up with floor plans, 3D visuals etc. or quite simply on their own. Should you wish to send us across some ideas you have and you want to simply add some extra pieces to complete the design please do get in touch! Any questions, no matter how large or small we will be more than happy to assist.  Please send enquiries across to

Kitchen 2D Floor Plan Interior Design

2D Floor Plans

A big important part of designing your home, starts with the planning of your furniture. This decision is key to making sure your space works for you and has the perfect flow. We always find it so useful to show our clients options for floor plan layouts, this opens up their creativity and shows them all the possible options for their space. Once we've spent some time with the client deciding on the best possible layout solutions, we then start to narrow down the practicality of each layout until we have just one layout that works perfect!

Our experience in residential projects and the 2D element, dates back many many years. Since graduating in 2013, I instantly started to work on residential projects and the importance space planning has to your home. 

If you have any 2D space planning questions, for your home, short let property or commercial space, please do feel free to reach out to us on We'd be more than happy to answer any questions, however small or large. 

3D Visual Interior Design

3D Visuals

3D Visuals are such an exciting part of someones design journey. It instantly helps you see how your space is going to look, for both colours, products and the size of the pieces of furniture to! A chair which you think may look good, may in situ look rather bulky, this is where to scale 3D visuals come in handy to correct any decisions you have made before you go ahead and purchase any furniture items! 

The 3D visuals I create, can be purchased alongside other packages i.e floor plans and design concepts or can simply be purchased on their own package. Already have your own ideas of furniture pieces, but just need some expert advice on piecing them together? Then look no further! Please send any queries across to

Kitchen Design Technical Drawing

Additional Bespoke Service

We offer bespoke designs for any areas throughout your home. These could be simple drawings for your own use to help understand how something could be created, as well as detailed drawings for your joiner to build from. If a site visit is not required, we would work directly off the dimensions provided by the client and so these would be subject to build from and would always recommend a joiner to measure on site prior to build.

We also create technical elevation drawings, these are a very important part of the process in kitchen design and bathroom design. They help diagnose where key elements are going to be located i.e WC, water pipes, whilst also allowing you to focus on the aesthetics part of your design

If there's anything not listed above, which you require bespoke help and advice with, please do email any queries to

Bedroom Interior Design


The final step in the process is to proceed with ordering your favourite pieces! This is an optional service as some clients prefer to do this themselves, however it is a service we include within the packages! This takes the stress of ordering and delivering your products out of your hand, and offers a great after service too!

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