This is a key part to the design process, it helps us as a design studio to understand your needs and ensures both designer and client are on the same wave length. Consultations will include talking through the clients design brief whether this be via phone call, zoom, or on site, in depth conversations into what to expect from the design time and any initial input from the designer will be discussed at this point. 

2D Floor Plans

An important part of designing your home starts with the planning of your furniture. This decision is key to making sure your space works for you and has the perfect flow. We always find it useful to show our clients options for floor plan layouts, this opens up their creativity and shows them all the possible options for their space. Once we've spent some time with the client deciding on the best possible layout solutions, we then start to narrow down the practicality of each layout until we find the perfect solution for you.

Moodboard & Inspiration

Moodboards & inspirational images are a great way to start your design journey and they help to ensure both client and designer are on the same path for the design direction. Clients always love this stage of the design process as they may have a small idea as to what they require, but struggle to see how it is all going to piece together. This is where our moodboards alongside inspirational images help guide our clients to know their preferences in terms of materials, colours and overall style! Either allowing them to go and shop for themselves knowing what will and won't work or alternatively takes us on the next step depending which package you choose so our designers can create a design concept for you.

Design Concept

Design concepts are developed from the initial moodboard stage. This helps us dive in further to your design and start specifying the specific paint colours, flooring and furniture items which all work together and match your chosen style.

3D Visuals

3D Visuals are such an exciting part of my clients design journey. It instantly helps you see how your space is going to look, for both colours, products and the size of the pieces of furniture to! 3D visuals allow you to see the transformation from concept to reality prior to ordering any furniture items, essentially saving you any costly mistakes.


The final step in the process is to proceed with ordering your favourite pieces! This is an optional service as some clients prefer to do this themselves, however it is a service we include within some of the packages. This takes the stress out of the ordering process and we can sometimes provide discounts and cheaper than online prices.

Bespoke Services

We offer bespoke designs for any areas throughout your home. These could be simple drawings for your own use to help understand how something could be created, as well as drawings for you to show your joiner. If a site visit is not required, we would work directly off the dimensions provided by the client and so these would be subject to build from and would always recommend a joiner to measure on site prior to build.

We also create technical elevation drawings, these are a very important part of the process in kitchen design and bathroom design. They help diagnose where key elements are going to be located i.e WC, water pipes, whilst also allowing you to focus on the aesthetics part of your design.

Planning permission applications are also available depending on what level planning is required. 

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