Painting The Fifth Wall

What if there was a world beyond just painting your ceilings the same standard white every time you redecorate? In this blog we will be exploring the endless possibilities of seeing your ceiling as a ‘fifth wall’ rather than just being a laborious bland chore.

Differing colour choices for painted ceilings can create illusions of space. In a cavernous large room a dark ceiling can really bring the space in and make the interior feel cosy and warm but it can also have the reverse effect! Did you know darker colours can make a space feel bigger if used correctly? If you have a small room with lower ceilings, a painted ceiling could still be for you, however done a little bit different. Light and muted shades can reflect natural light making the room feel bigger than it is. Continue reading to find out how!

A flip of the norms can bring modernity into your interiors, white walls with a loudly coloured ceiling will bring a touch of contemporary to a tired space and again make it appear larger than it is. (trust me this works!) Depending how brave you want to be, there are several ways you can do this. You can paint the full ceiling only, you can paint the full ceiling and a small strip at the top of each wall in the same colour or if you REALLY want to lift that ceiling height you can carry on the ceiling paint to approximately a metre down the wall. Your eye instantly gets drawn up and over, giving the illusion of higher ceiling heights.

Painting geometric patterns, although difficult, can really bring some fun and life to a ceiling and can work really well with a minimalistic styling to bring a feature to your interiors without breaking the clean lines at eye level. This may not suit everyones taste, however in the right application it can bring the wow factor to any design (especially on commercial projects!).

Another consideration is to bring the colour down from the ceiling in a strip to frame a feature in a living room, dining room or a bedroom. For example the dining table in the below image, this can really connect the colours and draw your eyes to a portion of the room and make it more inviting. Remember, matte paints can hide imperfections of bad plastering or textured ceilings, making this a great solution if you’re on a budget too!

So maybe, just maybe next time you decorate you will be brave enough too look up and start from the top and work your way down! That fifth wall can have a huge impact on your design and definitely shouldn't be ignored.

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