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Step 1 - Consultation

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Step 2 - 2D Floor Plans


Step 3 -  3D Visuals

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Step 4 -  Procurement

Procurement Interior Design Service
Commercial Interior Design


This is a key part to the design process, it helps us a design company understand your needs and develop a package that works perfect for you. Each project is different, not all steps are required and this is the part where we will be able to guide you through your decisions.

Commercial Floor Plan

2D Floor Plan

One of the most important parts to designing a space for commercial use is to create 2D floor plans. These are essential to ensure you utilise the space to its fullest potential and of course, make sure everything fits! They are also very important to ensure the designs meet all regulations and are DDA compliant


We have worked on 2D plans on a day to day basis for many years now! We have worked on a high amount of office spaces, car showrooms, hospitality venues and many more!

We have the ability to draw floor plans up from scratch based on our client dimensions or amend architectural plans if they are provided. Please send any queries you have to info@natalietaylorinteriors.co.uk

Commercial Office Design 3D Visual

3D Visuals

3D visuals are perfect for helping clients visualise a design before it becomes a reality. This is a skill we have a lot of experience in, and can create 3D visuals for any projects no matter how small or large! These can be altered to suit each project, and are a great way to play around with colours, textures and any other small details! Whether you have an office space, retail space, restaurant design or hotel/apartment, that requires some professional Interior Design advice, please do feel free to get in touch on info@natalietaylorinteriors.co.uk

Commercial Technical Drawing

Additional Bespoke Package

Detailed elevations are really useful for commercial clients to see how things look in greater detail. The amount of detail that is added to these drawings is very dependant on the clients request, however they are very often sent across to fitters, retail fitters etc to build from. Elevations are also a great way to showcase dimensions and any smaller details which can't be found on 2D floor plans or 3D visuals. 

Technical drawing packs are a critical element to the process behind commercial design renovations! These ensure procedures are followed step by step on site, to ensure no costly mistakes are made. The drawing pack usually includes existing layout, builders work, wall decorations, lighting design, furniture layouts and on completion as built drawings. 


These can be adjusted to suit each individual client, you may not require all of the above documents which is absolutely fine, these technical packages are very bespoke to each individual project. If you wish to discuss your needs, please do get in touch at info@natalietaylorinteriors.co.uk